Initial Post, Including Inspiration Citation

Inspired, in part, by blogs like pharyngula (which I don’t actually read anymore) and my (possibly incorrect) assumption that someone, somewhere wants to read my thoughts on language, speech, perception, and an assortment of other topics, I hereby add my giant octopus to the katamari that is the world of personal weblogs.

The biology posts drew me to pharyngula (and their infrequency drove me away), so when I say that that blog inspired me to start a blog about my academic discipline, I mean that I began entertaining thoughts of posting erudite pieces on the cutting edge of language, speech, perception, and mathematical modeling of all of the above, not that I planned on spilling copious e-ink countering the claims of wrathful dispersion crowd, a la PZ Myer’s endless battle against creationism.

Okay, that’s probably enough links to pharyngula.

The name of this blog comes from source-filter model of speech production, although, as indicated, the blog will not only be about speech. The name may also be employed as a metaphor for the nature of blogging in general. Malcolm Gladwell points out (correctly, in my opinion) that blogs are intrinsically derivative. Thus, the ‘source’ for a blog post here may be a hot new paper from the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, a post on, say, the Cato institute’s blog, or just a thought that occurs to me as I ambulate, which I do quite a bit of. The filter is, naturally, me.

No promises regarding frequency (or quality) of posts. I created this blog about seven months before I actually got around to writing this post, and I’ll be busy conducting ground-breaking new research over the next year, so we’ll see what I do with a ‘new’ blog.


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