Monthly Archives: September 2006

Belated Birthday Notice

Yesterday was the 125th birthday of Ludwig von Mises. Josh has a post about it, which includes a link to an excellent post by George Reisman about the importance of Mises’ work. I wanted to add that the Mises Institute also has a nice biographical piece in honor of his birthday. Advertisements

The Media Sucks. No. The Media Suck.

Listening to NPR this evening, I heard a good example of one of the most irritating and, frankly, damaging behaviors of the media – parroting assertions made by politicians with no accompanying evidence for, or against, the assertion. The story that got me thinking was about the detainee interrogation bill that recently passed both houses […]

The importance of property rights [updated]

As I wrote in one of my first posts, I plan on using this blog in part to document my “slide into the netherworld of classical liberalism,” or libertarianism. Because it is difficult, if not impossible, to overstate the importance of private property rights in libertarian philosophy, if I am to execute this slide effectively, […]

One last time with celebrinerd

When I wrote about using links (lots of links) to get celebrinerd into popular usage, I wasn’t thinking very carefully about where those links led to. I had forgotten about google bombing, described with specific reference to here. So: celebrinerd, celebrinerd, celebrinerd.

Promises, promises… (pt. 2)

I promised a while back to post something new on this blog every day. Technically, I have fulfilled this promise. With this post, I am solemnly backing out of this promise. I will still write (for the blog) every day, but I might not post what I write every day. As stated in my first […]

Programming, perception, and a priori postulates

I’m in the middle of working on my third, and final, qualifying ‘exam’. I took a sit-down exam (no scare quotes) a little over a year ago, and I designed and carried out a study of speaker focus and fricative production during the Spring and Summer of this year. The final ‘exam’ will be much […]

Tortured legal reasoning

The cato blog has an excellent (and short) post on Bush’s apparently imperiled pet legislation regarding torture. It’s frustrating to me that the vast majority of media outlets fail to discuss issues like this with the clarity and simplicity of this cato post. The basic issue is a straightforward bit of legal philosophy. Most people […]

Once more with the celebrinerd…

Jennings has posted on celebrinerd fever again, and his post contains links to no less than three other blogs that are fighting the good fight. I have also announced our efforts around these parts on his message boards.

Links! Lots of links will bring ‘celebrinerd’ to the masses!

My post about ‘celebrinerd’ has been linked in both editor-Amy-from-Ohio‘s post about ‘celebrinerd’ and Josh’s post about ‘celebrinerd’. I’m in the (very small and obscure corner of the) big time now! Editor-Amy-from-Ohio also mentions that Cathy suggests creating wikipedia and urban dictionary entries for celebrinerd. This is a fine idea, as it gives celebrinerd a […]

Doing my part

Ken Jennings (the guy who won 74 days in a row on Jeopardy a while back) made some good fun yesterday of Time magazine’s habit of cooking up stupid neologisms (they claim to be responsible for ‘guesstimate’, among other abominations, which makes me hate them with the fire of a thousand suns). Mr. Jennings is […]