The only winning advice

Josh made a good point about my third blog post. It seems obvious in retrospect, of course, but he pointed out that that one post should have been three individual posts.

Two things should have tipped me off. First, it has a tripartite title. Second, it has two hand-typed dividers separating the three bits the title refers to. The dividers were hand-typed when these disparate portions of prose should have been separated by a chasm of dotted lines, an off-color rectangle, a time, a date, the number of comments (0 and counting!), and the previous post’s, um, unipartite title. Thus is the graphical profundity of the thematic fissure that the blogspot template bestows upon the worthy.

This problem isn’t unique to my third post. In fact, I am presently struggling, valiantly, against the urge to write about something other than my urge to write about something other than writing about this urge, yet there is no accompanying urge to transition smoothly from the urge to, say, an impassioned defense of Pluto’s demotion to mere dwarfhood. A quick perusal of the Source-Filter archive shows that this behavior spans a full two-thirds of my blogging history, so I expect it will be something of a hurdle for me to overcome. Note, for example, that this paragraph discusses both my tendency to leap ungracefully from topic to topic and my heartfelt belief that Pluto is no better than 2003 UB 313, Sedna, Pluton, Mjesec, or Zemlja.

There’s nothing as beautiful as a full 2003 UB 313 shining down as the Mjesec slinks behind the Zemlja’s agreeably convex horizon.

Keep your eyes peeled for a newer, sleeker posting style here on Source-Filter.


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