Doing my part

Ken Jennings (the guy who won 74 days in a row on Jeopardy a while back) made some good fun yesterday of Time magazine’s habit of cooking up stupid neologisms (they claim to be responsible for ‘guesstimate’, among other abominations, which makes me hate them with the fire of a thousand suns). Mr. Jennings is the subject of the newest Time neologism – celebrinerd. Today, he laments that it has yet to catch on.

Well, I’m here to do my part. He gave me, among others, his beautiful ‘Dear Jeopardy‘ letter (also read the ‘correction’ at the bottom of this post). I’ve got the time and energy to give back, by gum.

Mr. Jennings says that at 10:30 AM, there were no google hits for celebrinerd. I tried at 9:30 PM and got two. Google displays these as “Results 1 – 2 of about 3 for celebrinerd” (emphasis mine). The first is Jennings’ post from yesterday, the second a Time-internal search result, and the approximate third result has a URL distinct from the second, but takes you to the same place.

So far, I’ve used celebrinerd four times, including this sentence. That could very well make me a non-redundant third google hit by tomorrow. And it could verily double my readership (Ken, meet Josh. Josh, Ken.)

I’d hate for celebrinerd (5!) to go the way of ‘radiorator.’


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