I can’t stop me that easily!

Josh thinks he’s caught me in a failure to live up to my sober guarantee to blog every day. Well, thanks to a technicality, he’s wrong!

For those of you who do not blog (it’s fun to write as if I have readers other than Josh) on blogspot, when you save a post as a draft, it saves the time at and date on which you began writing the post. Whenever you finally publish it, it bears the original time stamp.

Armed with this knowledge, you can see that I started the carnitas post around 7 PM last night, and that Josh was, for some reason, up at 3:30 AM when he started his post about my imminent slide into non-blogging oblivion. So what if the carnitas post wasn’t actually visible to the public (i.e., Josh) until this morning?

My alibi is, of course, airtight. First of all, all of the above is true. Join blogspot and find out for yourself if you don’t believe me. Second of all (all of two), it is simply inconceivable that someone could change the nominal date and time of a blog post to make it appear as if he had blogged on a day he hadn’t. That kind of technical know-how just doesn’t exist.

Anyway, for what it’s worth, I announced my earnest decree to provide myself with some measure of motivation. So far, so good, even if I did actually fail to post yesterday. Here I am with a follow-up, right? No blood, no foul.

I owe Josh a heartfelt ‘thank you’ for caring enough to keep me on my toes here at Source-Filter. I hadn’t noticed today’s scheduled outage. If not for his nocturnal emission (so to speak), I wouldn’t have been so prompt to post today.

Now that I look at the details of the outage, though, I see that his warnings are unduly dire. The outage is scheduled to last from 4 PM to 4:15 PM.


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