Promises, promises… (pt. 2)

I promised a while back to post something new on this blog every day. Technically, I have fulfilled this promise.

With this post, I am solemnly backing out of this promise. I will still write (for the blog) every day, but I might not post what I write every day.

As stated in my first post, I was inspired to blog primarily to communicate about the research that I read about and conduct. Thus far, I have found that posts about my research (and related topics) take a long time to write, if they’re to be written well. Since I would like my posts to be written well, I have decided to relax my posting frequency requirements.

Note that, prior to making a promise to post every day, I wrote “[n]o promises regarding frequency (or quality) of posts” in my first post. Today, this gives me a nice ‘out’ with regard to posting frequency. Perhaps in the future it will give me a nice ‘out’ with regard to posting quality, but let’s hope not.


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