The only winning move…

So, Josh moved his blog, which provides me with the impetus to do the same. Well, not exactly the same, but something similar. Josh has a fancy-pants personal website, too, whereas I do not (yet). Another difference: Josh has no real complaints with blogger, whereas I do, namely that when I edit my posts in Opera (the best web browser by a mile), I have problems with line breaks appearing in inappropriate places. I’m hoping that these sorts of problems don’t happen with wordpress.

My plan in the long run is to have my own fancy-pants personal website with this blog appearing somewhere therein. If I like wordpress (and so far, I do), I’ll use their software there. For the time being, I’ll be using it here, and, once I post a notice to the original sourcefilter blog, I will only be posting here.

Coming soon: a post on noise, signals, and data processing; a post on brain imaging and cognitive science.


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