Monthly Archives: June 2008

Another (winning) move.

Just a quick announcement. This location is now defunct. Source-Filter is now located (with a new, improved look) at, though the archives will remain here. Advertisements


Thanks to a comment by Josh to my last post, I have realized that my rationale for programming a ratio-of-factorials calculator was, um, flawed. Since I’m full to the brim with integrity and honesty, I’ll leave the original post as is, tempting as it is to erase evidence of my stupidity. It turns out that I was wrong about the role of the normalizing ratio-of-factorials in calculating the […]


Okay, so I’m still trying to figure out how to work blogging into my schedule. I have bits and pieces of time here and there, but I often find myself reading other blogs instead of writing my own during these times. This is, I think, largely due to when these bits and pieces of time […]