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Another (winning) move.

Just a quick announcement. This location is now defunct. Source-Filter is now located (with a new, improved look) at, though the archives will remain here. Advertisements


Thanks to a comment by Josh to my last post, I have realized that my rationale for programming a ratio-of-factorials calculator was, um, flawed. Since I’m full to the brim with integrity and honesty, I’ll leave the original post as is, tempting as it is to erase evidence of my stupidity. It turns out that I was wrong about the role of the normalizing ratio-of-factorials in calculating the […]


Okay, so I’m still trying to figure out how to work blogging into my schedule. I have bits and pieces of time here and there, but I often find myself reading other blogs instead of writing my own during these times. This is, I think, largely due to when these bits and pieces of time […]

The only winning move…

So, Josh moved his blog, which provides me with the impetus to do the same. Well, not exactly the same, but something similar. Josh has a fancy-pants personal website, too, whereas I do not (yet). Another difference: Josh has no real complaints with blogger, whereas I do, namely that when I edit my posts in […]

Left-Leaning Libertarianism

Short (and derivative) post today, but, hey, short (derivative) posts are better than no posts at all (under the questionable assumption that I am, in fact, a blogger). Anyway, Josh points to some hints that Bob Barr will be the Libertarian Party presidential candidate, which reminded me of a recent Cato-at-liberty post on how non-libertarian Bob Barr was […]

I’m back?

Okay, so the last post before this is more than a year old. I’ve been meaning to get back to blogging, but, clearly, haven’t done so (until now). Why now? Two reasons: 1. Josh linked to this blog today, and on the off chance that he has readers that follow that link, I wanted my blog to be less pathetic than a year old […]

wordpress vs. blogspot

I’m pondering moving my (neglected) blog from blogspot to wordpress. Updates soon, if I can get my blogging chops back (or, perhaps more accurately, get them for the first time).

It’s been a while, but this is very, very important.

I should be working on a presentation I have to give in a week to a potentially very tough crowd, but instead, I’m following Josh’s lead and taking the ‘Which Serenity Character Are You?’ quiz (at least, I think it’s the same quiz Josh took – his results didn’t show up as they should have […]

10 Word Review

Layer Cake Expository dialogue and tricky cinematography almost make it a Tarantino.

Pinochet vs. the Free Market

I haven’t been posting much to this blog lately, for obvious reasons. However, I did involve myself in a discussion in response to another blog’s post recently. To make a long(ish) story short(ish), Glenn Greenwald was disturbed to see the Washington Post praising recently deceased Chilean ex-dictator Augusto Pinochet. He drew parallels between US support […]